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April 10, 2010

I Can’t Get No Site-isfaction

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How many more Sites will I Build Before I’m Happy?

Now not only am I wasting time (albeit in a fun, creative way) I seem to be addicted to website creation or at least formatting. I am not referring to the hard-drive build it with html code computer type of website building nerd (I call them nerds because of  my intense jealousy of all people highly techno). Nope. I am referring to the incredible, stunning array of free sites that are all over the internet nowadays. That’s the problem! There is too much choice. Too much uniqueness. Too much temptation.  Sometimes too many choices are the problem especially for greedy people like myself.

Add to that an artistic streak and there you go, instant website building addiction.  I can’t help myself!  I start working on a site, finish it in a few hours, upload and publish it and then after a few days I enter back into one of the free sites that are out there floating around telling myself “I’m just looking”, the same way I would speak to a commission-hungry salesperson when I’m utterly penniless yet somehow ambling about in a boutique when I have no business being there. But when things are free now that’s another story.  I scroll around, I click on this, I enlarge that and then suddenly I pounce!  For now I have finally found the ultimate website and I shall begin again, like Michael Finnegan.

As far as addictions go this one is pretty harmless I guess. Besides it’s not entirely my fault. Why does the net offer so many delectable choices in free site-isfaction anyway? So people like me can turn into site addicts, sending  more and more traffic and thereby generating unfathomable revenues for those true website-building html-encoding nerds (I only refer to them as nerds out of my insane jealousy for their effortless ability to generate extremely lucid websites when I can’t).

Talk about not getting any site-isfaction. I think I begin to understand Mick Jagger’s addiction to groupies. After you start an addiction to variety one is just never enough.

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