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May 14, 2010

How Not to Interview or Negotiate

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Every now and then I encounter interesting articles and youtube videos dealing with interview questions, do’s and don’ts, salary negotiation and on and on.  Sometimes I find great wisdom in these articles.  Other times it seems that much of this advice has become rhetoric. In the Dress Code and Job Hunting blog I wrote the interviewer in a youtube video I linked into the blog made the comment “don’t people know that?” about a suggestion offered by her guest speaker.  You’d think there are a lot of common sense issues people should know about interviewing yet if this information is floating all around in cyberspace then clearly people don’t.

Having said that there is a lighter side of dreadful interviewing. Take a moment to click on this.  This video is a beautiful demonstration of how NOT to answer the question “what is your greatest strength?”

As poorly as I have ever interviewed I flatter myself I’ve never been quite that bad.  In fact until I started reading HR blogs and articles it never occurred to me how it must feel to be on the other side of the interview desk. Can you imagine if you were a recruiter (maybe you are) and someone really answered a question like that?  At least it gives them something to blog about later. Consider some of these much more sensible  responses to tough interview questions instead. 

Should you get to the point in the interview where salary negotation begins here is a wonderful video demonstrating another interview nightmare but not for the interviewer (in this case salesman). It’s a nightmare for the interviewee.

And here’s some sane advice about how to negotiate salary. Just for contrast of course.

Bottom line:

  1. Prepare your (intelligent, sane) answers before the interview.
  2. Learn a thing or two about salary negotiation before money talk actually happens.
  3. Research the reasonable salary range for the position you are after and work within it.
  4. Don’t interview for a job where the organization states a salary range that doesn’t interest you. For instance if the corporation is offering $30,000.00 for a position and you want $50,000.00 then don’t bother to attend the interview. You’re wasting everyone’s time.

Now check out the Dress Code and Job Hunting blog before you head out to the interview and Girlfriend, you’re ready to go!

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  1. I always got the jobs I didn’t really want. I didn’t perform or behave. I didn’t not behave but merely went through the motions of pretending I wanted some job and got it! And the jobs I really wanted, jumping through hoops, almost on my knees, begging…and didn’t get them.

    Comment by almostvoid — May 14, 2010 @ 12:12 pm | Reply

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