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May 17, 2010

Why You Should Work for Google

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Aside from the money, Girlfriend, there are lots of reasons why Google is a seriously work-friendly place for women.  Of course the majority of employees (but not all) are 20-somethings but there is a fair number of 30-somethings. The Google atmosphere is often likened to a “college campus“. Why so young?  Nope not age discrimination. As you are keenly aware by now, the young Gen Y set is all about, you got it, Information Technology. They practically built Google. So if you’re a seriously IT kinda girl (no not the “it” girl of Hollywood, I know you’re one of those)  then you should give it some thought.

Let’s scroll down the incredible list of reasons of why you should be working for Google, Girlfriend.

  1. I am so not kidding you when I say they are nothing but a luxurious and fun environment that encourages rest, relaxation, recreation and esthetically beautiful surroundings. Why? Because the Google powers that be are savvy enough to know that people who can’t wait to get up and get to work where they have time to work hard and play hard are probably amoung the most productive people on the planet.  Seriously is it one of their corporate statements:  Work and play are not mutually exclusive (their quote not mine). Imagine going to work where you can take an hour’s nap and then make it up at the end of the day without getting fired?  You can probably even schedule it into your work day, unless something urgent or a meeting comes up. Wow. Sign me up.
  2. Google spoils its employees rotten with benefits and perks that everyone should have but alas, only few people in the work place do.Think you could handle a day’s work at Google? Check this out
  3. Google is included in the list of the 100 Best Companies for Women to Work for 2007
  4. Women are included in all of the corporate experiences as men, from social activities to serious administrative decision-making.
  5. Don’t even worry about re-location. Google has offices worldwide but if you need to relocate I’ve heard it said that Google will pay all your expenses to get you to where they are.
  6. Alternatively it wouldn’t surprise me if Google was pretty flexible about allowing its employees to work from home.
  7. Google has a professional group for women only aptly named Women @ Google  Cool.
  8. People bring their dogs, pets, and kids into work. No joke.
  9. Casual dress environment. You know all those rules I outlined for you about how to dress for a job interview and to go to work?  Toss them out.
  10. Great maternity and paternity leave benefits. Paternity leave. Need I say more?
  11. The number one reason to work at Google: they truly respect women. You deserve that respect, Girlfriend.

Don’t all women?

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