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May 19, 2010

The Value of You in Your Organization

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I’m a fan of the written word, especially when it’s arranged into checklists (you can tell by reading some of my previous posts). Lists just seem to help everything come together visually and you don’t miss any vital information that way. What could be more vital to you than you?  That’s what you need to convince your company so you can remain employed.

You may also wish to get a promotion (more money, more status, more interesting projects, who doesn’t want that)?  If you’re going to get a promotion or even remain in the seat you’ve got now without worrying about being replaced you need to start a checklist of things you currently contribute to your organization that are above and beyond your general job description.  Here is a sample checklist you might wish to work with:

Now that you have accounted for your accomplishments thus far, use the sample template to create another list of ways to add even more value to your work performance. There are a plethora of ways to do this. Consider:

  1. Look for ways to cut costs.
  2. Increase efficiency in your department in some manner.
  3. Troubleshoot for any potential conflicts with clients, co-workers, software systems etc.
  4. Learn much-needed computer hardware skills and put them to use.
  5. Communicate in writing and verbally with co-workers and higher ups so everyone is on the same page.
  6. Initiate employee morale boosters. Once I interviewed with an organization where the floor manager brought in a gorgeous vase of flowers every Monday. Employees voluntarily signed up to bring in some sort of treat for the staff during the week, for instance a coffee for everyone, and by the end of the week the gorgeous flowers went home with him or her.
  7. Check your bad attitude at the door!
  8. Make a long-term career plan and work towards it in short steps every month.
  9. Become the “birthday rep” for your department. When it’s someone’s birthday, get the staff to pitch in a buck or two and go buy your colleague something.
  10. Don’t use company computers for personal use. Keep your emailing and googling for after hours or do so on your Blackberry during your lunch break.

There are lots of other ways you can brainstorm to add to the list. The list is endless. Have a look at these links: – for managers  – for senior employees – for sales reps – for any employee

Here is an example of what NOT to do in order to add value to your organization. Certainly maintaining PR for your organization is significant.  Here is how NOT to achieve this goal.

You’re valuable Girlfriend, so make sure the company knows it.  Document, document, document! Your notes will come in handy during your annual review (think salary increase). They will also increase your odds for a promotion when one opens up. And your efforts and proof of your efforts will increase your odds of staying off the unemployment line, definitely a place where a savvy woman like you doesn’t need to be.

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