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May 19, 2010

Yes You Should Post Your Picture on Social Media

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Okay here’s the irony in me advising you to post your pic online Girlfriend. I don’t have my pic on my blog. That’s because I wanted to establish a kinda up-lifting feel-good image for my blog. And I think the logo is cute.  However I do have my pic on my website(s) and it’s not the best pic I have ever taken. I could take another one but hey when it becomes a big enough priority I will get to it.

Why do so few people post their pics?  It seems to me that paranoia is a good reason for the digitally gun-shy. There are a lot of reasons for that and they may not all be invalid. Consider:

  1. Identity Theft. People worry their picture will be scanned and used in some devastating manner perhaps for a passport or some such thing.
  2. Discrimination. Minority people in particular have concerns here and that sounds reasonable. However if you are online as part of a job search your potential employer will want to meet with you anyway. 
  3. Self-Esteem. Not everyone is picture pretty and they may also take poor pictures. True, attractive people seem more eager to hop in front of a camera than the less attractive amoung us but consider that most careers require expertise, education and experience rather than a great smile.
  4. Loss of Privacy. There is something scary about letting everyone see the real you online especially when that image reaches millions of people around the globe. Add your blog to that and your personal/professional perspectives are attached to you, the person not just your blog.
  5.  My Employer Will Find Out that I Am Job Hunting. Now this is a valid one if any reason is on this list but there’s a reasonable way around it. You can list your skills and job description in a subtle manner online without saying you are actively job hunting. If you have the stuff recruiters and corporations want they will contact you.
  6. I Don’t Want People I Know to Know About Me.  In other words you want them to mind their own business. Well it’s not likely that people who know you are going to google you for no good reason and if you’re thinking back to high school or college, get over yourself Girlfriend. No one remembers you.
  7. I Haven’t Been Entirely Consistent with My Resume. What you mean is that a potential employer has contacted you based on your online information but since you didn’t save a copy of it (and may have embellished it a tad) you can’t remember what it was you posted. If it’s a blog check your archives. If it’s on Facebook etc go back over your entries until you find it. If you can’t bring your un-embellished resume with you to the job interview and tell them you have updated it.
  8. I Don’t Want People to Know I Am Job-Hunting. Huh? Then why are you posting your resume online? If you are worried that people you know or knew once will find your entries and point and laugh, don’t. Only professionals who are recruiting are likely to pursue you and that’s because you came up on a keyword search.

I say post. It’s your call Girlfriend but you have nothing to lose so long as what you are posting is sophisticated and doesn’t jeopardize your personal or professional image including the one in the frame.

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