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May 20, 2010

Social Media Savvy and Elevator Etiquette are Soulmates

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Watch this link if you will: 

Wow.  Pretty straightforward guy about elevator etiquette.  What he is saying is both sensible and bizarre.  Think of it: someone jets from who knows how far away, ends up in an elevator with a business acquaintance and gossips about a client in the building. Lo and behold, a friend of said client is standing right beside the gossip listening and seething.  Who woulda thunk it?  What were the odds?

Well it appears that business travel is closing the geographical gap big time these days, more than ever perhaps since we’ve gone so global. Interestingly people are the same way everywhere: no one can resist a good story and a chance to diss someone. Sad isn’t it?

Now what does social media have to do with elevator chat?  For starters, consider my previous post Anti-Social Media will Cost You Your Job. Remember the girl who dissed her boss and her job on Facebook, forgetting her boss was in her network of friends?  Needless to say he emailed her and advised her not to come in to work the next day.  Duh.

You might think this is a recent development in social media history. It isn’t. Click this link for a blog about a 2007 firing incident via Facebook Foolishness.  It’s starting to cause a little worry amoung people who use social media to blog about their professional and personal lives and that may be a good thing. If employees get the heads up about potential termination for dissing their organization online or revealing information that is supposed to be confidential then perhaps there will be less of this firing phenonmenon happening in the first place.

The connection between social media common sense and elevator etiquette isn’t vague. Anything you say on an elevator falls on the ears of people you don’t know; at some point in time the CEO of your company may be one of them. Unless you have something terrific to say about your company, the people who work there, and how much you love your job you’d best keep your lip zipped. Or as Jason Seiden so blatantly states in his emotional youtube rant “keep your mouth shut“.

Best business advice ever given.

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