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May 24, 2010

Incredibly Sexist Attitudes Towards Women in the 1950s Workplace

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Consider this to be part two of Women in the Workplace: Welcome to the Jungle, Baby! I had so much fun doing my research for that blog that I had to make a brief PowerPoint out of it…couldn’t help myself.  Well one thing led to the other and of course I ended up making another website too (there’s a history behind that one; see my blog I Can’t Get No Site-isfaction)….not to whimper and whine about the unfairness of it all when you’re a woman in the corporate world, tsk, tsk, no. That one has been done to death. I simply love making slideshows and formatting websites is so incredibly easy (mine are through that these activities have become a hobby for me. Seriously. They are a hobby. That is why I currently have 6 websites and approximately 14 powerpoint presentations tucked away on my PC. 

I only remain attentive at the moment to 2 of my websites and this blog. That’s because the other websites became so “old” as soon as I built a new one and I cannot stand to revisit old work (even though I made them all within weeks of each other). Bit of a site hopper I admit, but hey it could be worse.  I’m not a job hopper or a husband hopper for instance. Now that would be worse, n’est pas?  But I digress …

At any rate as I was saying I had so much fun doing my homework to put together my last blog that it turned into a presentation which in turn ended up becoming a new website.  So here is the very brief presentation and a link to my new site Girl Talk Career Advice which is an extension of this blog.  Actually the presentation was meant to be a PDF book – a nice little freebie but somehow I converted it into a Ppt instead.  Darn.  Well it will have to suffice as a slideshow until I figure that one out. (I’ve made lots of PDFs in my day – I must be having one of those momentary brain hiccups so to speak).

I would love your input, guest blogs, experiences, links to your blogs and sites etc either here or on girl talk career advice, so please feel free to contact me.  I really like hearing about women’s personal experiences in the work world. I am not naive enough to think sexism doesn’t exist in the modern day work world you understand … I just think it’s a lot more subtle than it used to be.  But hey that’s what you call progress.

I think.


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