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June 1, 2010

Rockin’ PowerPoint 2007

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Yes I know I’ve written all about how I love PowerPoint before but I’ve not enclosed a sample of my PowerPoint work or how to rock Powerpoint either.  It’s so easy I couldn’t help but put the two together…all for your use, Girlfriend.

Now I am aware that there are those amoung you with a Ph.D. in PowerPoint 2007 so lest I embarrass myself I will come right out with it:

  • This is an instructional Ppt for making a great basic slideshow – not your truly advanced big-time Steven Spielberg production.
  • I use bullets (like these ones) on nearly every slide even though a lot of people hate that.  Why?  Let me explain:
    My show is like an online manual.  How do you read a manual about putting something together?  In bullet form of course.  Do you really want paragraphs and paragraphs and you lose your place and have to go back and figure out where you were, cursing away the entire time?
  • Don’t you hate it when there is TONS of text packed onto one slide? Bullets are great for scaling that down.
  • I do use lots of graphics, lots of movement and even a pretty little instrumental background accompaniment just for your enjoyment.
  • I have lots of links to videos to offset my very simplistic instructions.
  • I threw in a couple of funny videos to make you smirk.  Who says learning isn’t fun?

I would love feedback but of course hardly anyone reads this blog (woah is me).  If you do somehow pull it up and check out my show do comment – good or bad I’ll leave it be and even respond to it if you like (I won’t be rude and I won’t sulk, I promise).

Enjoy! And bless your little soul for watching Rockin’ MS PowerPoint 2007  ….


May 24, 2010

Incredibly Sexist Attitudes Towards Women in the 1950s Workplace

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Consider this to be part two of Women in the Workplace: Welcome to the Jungle, Baby! I had so much fun doing my research for that blog that I had to make a brief PowerPoint out of it…couldn’t help myself.  Well one thing led to the other and of course I ended up making another website too (there’s a history behind that one; see my blog I Can’t Get No Site-isfaction)….not to whimper and whine about the unfairness of it all when you’re a woman in the corporate world, tsk, tsk, no. That one has been done to death. I simply love making slideshows and formatting websites is so incredibly easy (mine are through that these activities have become a hobby for me. Seriously. They are a hobby. That is why I currently have 6 websites and approximately 14 powerpoint presentations tucked away on my PC. 

I only remain attentive at the moment to 2 of my websites and this blog. That’s because the other websites became so “old” as soon as I built a new one and I cannot stand to revisit old work (even though I made them all within weeks of each other). Bit of a site hopper I admit, but hey it could be worse.  I’m not a job hopper or a husband hopper for instance. Now that would be worse, n’est pas?  But I digress …

At any rate as I was saying I had so much fun doing my homework to put together my last blog that it turned into a presentation which in turn ended up becoming a new website.  So here is the very brief presentation and a link to my new site Girl Talk Career Advice which is an extension of this blog.  Actually the presentation was meant to be a PDF book – a nice little freebie but somehow I converted it into a Ppt instead.  Darn.  Well it will have to suffice as a slideshow until I figure that one out. (I’ve made lots of PDFs in my day – I must be having one of those momentary brain hiccups so to speak).

I would love your input, guest blogs, experiences, links to your blogs and sites etc either here or on girl talk career advice, so please feel free to contact me.  I really like hearing about women’s personal experiences in the work world. I am not naive enough to think sexism doesn’t exist in the modern day work world you understand … I just think it’s a lot more subtle than it used to be.  But hey that’s what you call progress.

I think.