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July 10, 2010

Hair-Brained Money-Making Ideas

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  Selling and buying hair is in huge demand, Girlfriend so if you’ve got a great head of hair you have a one-time ticket in 12 months or so to make a small windfall of money.

In some poorer countries such as the Philippines and Mexico women sell their hair to contribute to the household income. Mind you it doesn’t go very far but hey, when you live in dire straits better than nothing.

You on the other hand are probably looking for a bit of spending cash and there are 2 easy ways to sell it:  EBay and other online websites that sell your hair for you (probably for a fee so check that out in advance). A couple I found are The Hair and Online Hair Affair.  I have no idea if these are reputable sites since I’ve never sold my hair but I thought they looked rather interesting.

If you’re going to put your hair on the market there are a few details you need to consider:

  1. You must be a virgin.  No silly, not your personally but your hair certainly does.  That means no dyeing, perming, streaking, highlighting and anything else you can think of that alters your own original hair in any manner.  Wig makers want “virgin” hair and most won’t settle for anything else.
  2. Rapunzel would never qualify. She let that prince climb up and down her luscious locks. Talk about hair abuse!  You have to care for your hair like its a newborn baby. If its not in mint condition you won’t get a cent. Keep the following in mind:
          Don’t brush your hair often. 
          Don’t shampoo it a lot. 
          Keep it under a hat and braided when you are outside during the summer. 
          Don’t swim in chlorinated water.
          Wear it pulled back (gently) into a loose plait often to keep it from getting tangled.
          Use hair clips as seldom as possible since they are known to break hair.
  3. You must have at least 10 inches of hair to cut.
  4. Get your ends trimmed regularly so they don’t split.
  5. Keep your body in good health. Eat well. Exercise. Everything you put in your body affects your hair.
  6. A buyer will want proof of the length and thickness of your hair before she purchases it.  You need to take a few photographs of your hair from different angles.  Make sure your hair is freshly conditioned and stand in a light that reflects its sheen for the best picture possible.
  7. Don’t mail your hair until you have payment.
  8. You have to get your hair cut by a professional stylist so head out (pun) to a hair salon. The stylist will cut it off above an elastic band so your hair is already bundled.
  9. Any hair that is not inside the elastic band, has been picked up off the floor or is not in a ponytail disqualifies the entire head of hair for sale.  Yikes!
  10. Expect to make between $300.00 and $2,000.00.  Yes that’s a heckuva wide range and most people probably fall somewhere in the $900.00 – $1000.00 area. 

Why is it that one woman gets a huge amount of money and another woman doesn’t? There are a number of factors to explain this financial phenomenon:

  1. The longer your hair the better the price.
  2. The thicker your hair the better the price.
  3. Naturally curly or wavy hair usually nets a bigger price tag than straight hair which is much more common on the seller’s market (think Asian women).
  4. The better condition the hair is in the better the price.
  5. The better the seller’s negotiation skills the better the price.

However once your hair is cut don’t hold out for too long to sell it as it will go down in value, much like shares in the stock market.  When you get a decent buyer who offers a fair price take it!

If you don’t get a decent buyer considera charity such as Locks of Love, that provides free wigs for people with cancer and other diseases.  Nice. There are a lot of them out there including: Wigs for Kids; Angel Hair Foundation; Angel Hair for Kids and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Can’t bear to part with your mane? You can still make money with it as a hair model.  Salons are always in need of hair models with hair that is reasonably long enough to cut and style.  You won’t make a lot of money. You and the hairdresser will likely negotiate in advance that if she wins the contest and there is a cash prize you get a certain amount (no it won’t be 50-50 since you get a free cut and possibly colouring job).  In fact that free cut, colour and style may be your only payment but if you get it done by a top stylist at a well known salon then why complain?